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"Dr Rich is the avian expert! The clinic is state of the art, the boarding facility has large, clean cages and the team is very caring. It's with great confidence that I refer my avian patients to West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic."

Ashley C Geoghegan, DVM
Dr G's Holistic Vet Care, LLC

Avian & Exotic Pet Adoptions


Adoption Rules: As part of the adoption process all members of the family and any pets that will be interacting with the prospective new member of the household are required to come to the hospital on at least two occasions and visit with that pet. All exotic pets in the household must have a current exam and be up to date on vaccinations (if applicable). Adoption fees will apply and are non-refundable. 



Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(9/9/17) Jane is a 1-2 year old spayed female Californian rabbit. She was found as a stray in a local park, and brought to us. Aside from some fleas and ear mites, she was otherwise in good health. She is certainly a gentle giant. She is about 7-8 pounds and very loving. She adores head scratches and enjoys coming out to spend time with us. She will do well as a single bunny, or as a friend for another lonely bunny. Come by or give us a call today to meet her! Update 2/6/18: Jane is still with us, and still as sweet as ever. She is always ready for her cage door to open in the hopes she can come out and play. She gets along well with most other rabbits, but can also be a sweet single pet if that is what you need. 






Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(1/2/18) Satsuma is a 2-3 year old spayed female bunny that was found as a stray on New Years Day. We were holding her for a few days until the animal shelter opened, but realized she was too sweet to pass on and kept her. She is 7-8 pounds and full of love. She enjoys being pet, is very calm, and easy to handle. We have not tried her with other rabbits yet, but with her personality she should get along well with other bunnies. She would love a new home soon. If you have space in your heart for this furry bundle of love, give us a call today.








Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(12/7/17) This gorgeous canary was found outside in December and brought to us. We know he was a pet from his leg band, but no owners responded to our found pet ads. He is a male, approximately 1-2 years old. It took him almost a month to start singing for us, but he has a beautiful voice. He enjoys his mirror, as well as singing to the other birds in our boarding area. He is not afraid of hands in his cage, and will make a great companion for someone who wants to enjoy his colors and songs. Give us a call today!










Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(2/6/18) Doodle is a 3-4 year old male cockatiel. About a year ago he was found outside, and they have kept him since then, but are realizing they do not have the time for him. He was surrendered to us in the hopes of getting him in a more interactive home. He steps up, and enjoys riding on your shoulder. He has already regaled us with several whistles, and loves being talked to. He is up to date on his polyoma virus vaccine, and we are working on weaning him to a pelleted diet, and introducing him to fruits and vegetables. Cockatiels make great pets for first time bird owners, and Doodle is no exception. If you are interested, please give us a call!