Exotic Pet Surgery Catered to Meet the Needs of Your Exotic Pet in New Orleans

As a dedicated exotic animal hospital, we have advanced training on a vast array of avian and exotic pet surgeries. Our commitment to elevating the care of these unique friends makes us especially interested in using the most advanced safety and anesthetic procedures. We hold memberships to the Associations of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, Avian Veterinarians, and Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians. Whether you come from Metairie or somewhere else in the Greater New Orleans area, rest assured your exotic pet is in good hands at Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana.

Tropical bird

The Right Equipment for Your Exotic Pet’s Size

Many exotic pets are smaller in size than traditional pets and the right surgical equipment enhances patient safety. Small mammal, reptile and avian pet surgery at our practice benefit from the use of specialized magnifying tools, a heated surgery table and a temperature controlled recovery cage. Additionally, for birds, we use microsurgical instruments that are of reduced size to provide for better surgical success. Regardless of the surgery or the size of your pet, our exotic pet hospital in Metairie is equipped with a wide selection of tools to provide your pet with the best chance for a positive surgical outcome.


Tailored Surgical Care

The needs of each exotic pet are individually assessed throughout their stay with us. We recommend and have the ability to perform same-day IN-HOUSE blood panels for surgical patients. Each patient and surgical suite is carefully prepared before surgery and stress is minimized using safe-handling and sedation techniques. Anesthesia used and the balance of electrolytes given during surgery are based off the type of pet you have and their state of nutrition. These are just a few of the individual factors we consider during surgery. If you have any questions about exotic pet surgery on your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out.

After Your Pet’s Surgery

As many exotic pets are sensitive to stress, it’s important to follow after-care instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment. Additionally, instructions can vary widely depending on the type of pet surgery and animal so heed closely. Once your pet is safely ready to go home, a member of our experienced team addresses your pet’s after-care instructions. A follow-up appointment will be essential for your pet, so we will schedule that at the time of check-out. If you suspect your pet is not healing as expected or you have any concerns, contact us right away. Your pet’s health and well being are extremely important to us.