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"We have been breeders of exotic parrots since 1998. Dr Rich and staff are our first and only stop to make sure the breeders we buy are healthy. The professionalism of Dr Rich and his staff far exceed our expectations. Regardless the outcome of the exam we know we can trust the results and advice given by Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana. The clinic is always clean and the staff friendly. We highly recommend all clients set up an appointment to meet Dr Rich and/or Dr Pence. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency. Well visits are very important to maintain healthy happy animals. We are very fortunate to have such well respected, professional and caring exotic veterinarians in our area."

Tom and Tracey Loup
T-N-T Pets

Educational Links

Part of being a good pet owner involves being educated about various pet-related issues and staying up-to-date with pet news. For your convenience, Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana has listed the following educational links, where you can access information on a variety of small mammal, avian, and exotic pet topics.

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