Avian & Exotic Pet Adoptions

Adoption Rules: As part of the adoption process all members of the family and any pets that will be interacting with the prospective new member of the household are required to come to the hospital on at least two occasions and visit with that pet. All exotic pets in the household must have a current exam and be up to date on vaccinations (if applicable). Adoption fees will apply and are non-refundable.



Jane is a 1-2 year old spayed female Californian rabbit. She was found as a stray in a local park, and brought to us. Aside from some fleas and ear mites, she was otherwise in good health. She is certainly a gentle giant. She is about 7-8 pounds and very loving. She adores head scratches and enjoys coming out to spend time with us. She will do well as a single bunny, or as a friend for another lonely bunny. Come by or give us a call today to meet her!

Update 2/6/18:
Jane is still with us, and still as sweet as ever. She is always ready for her cage door to open in the hopes she can come out and play. She gets along well with most other rabbits, but can also be a sweet single pet if that is what you need.


Satsuma is a 2-3 year old spayed female bunny that was found as a stray on New Years Day. We were holding her for a few days until the animal shelter opened, but realized she was too sweet to pass on and kept her. She is 7-8 pounds and full of love. She enjoys being pet, is very calm, and easy to handle. We have not tried her with other rabbits yet, but with her personality she should get along well with other bunnies. She would love a new home soon. If you have space in your heart for this furry bundle of love, give us a call today.

Update 8/14/18:

Satsuma is still looking for her forever home. This gentle giant would love to have the room to run around and be with a loving family. She is a little dominant, so she needs to be an only bunny, or with a laidback male. Let us know if you have the room for this sweetie!



Levi is a 2 year old neutered male bunny. He was adopted from us in 2017, but since then lost his bonded friend and his owners were not able to keep him. He is back with us looking for another home. He is very sweet, and loves to be pet and brushed. He enjoys laying by you as well as being active and throwing toys around. He would make a great spoiled only bunny, but may do well with another friend if the right one came along. Help Levi find his new home!


Thumper is a 1 1/2 - 2 year old neutered male dwarf bunny. He was surrendered to us earlier this year, and is still looking for a new home. He is very sweet, but has the typical dwarf rabbit high energy, demanding personality. He loves his treats and toys, and likes to explore everywhere. He does have a minor incisor tooth malocclusion. Due to his dwarf sized face, his jaw is a little short and the incisors have an incorrect bite. He has only needed a trim once, and has maintained his teeth on his own since then. Due to this, he will need tooth checks 2-3 times a year to make sure he doesn't need any further corrections. Aside from offering him a high quality rabbit diet and lots of chew toys, there is no special care needed at home.



Bandit is a 3 year old neutered male ferret that was surrendered to us due to his owner moving to California, where ferrets are illegal to own. He is super sweet and full of energy. He loves to play, and will come with a whole basket full of his favorite toys. He is current on his distemper and rabies vaccines, as well as his monthly heartworm prevention. He would love to be in a home with plenty of room to play and to get in trouble with. He has never lived with another ferret, but he may do well with a play mate. Come by today to meet this loveable boy!


June B.

Dr. Rich is winner of the Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award, lecturer at many Exotic veterinary conferences, and deeply involved in local area projects. Twenty years have passed and in that time I cannot begin to count the number of rabbits treated there, all with the best of care. My job as a rescuer of rabbits has been made easier with the support of Dr. Rich, Dr. Pence and the Staff.

Rick R.

I have been dealing with the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana (formerly West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic), Dr. Rich and Dr. Pence, since 2006. They are the premier exotics only vet in the Gulf South and one of a small handful that are experienced with chinchillas. Every chinchilla surrendered to us is taken there for a comprehensive wellness check-up. Many have been treated for a variety of conditions, both minor and serious. After having more than 100 chinchillas seen there, I could not be more pleased with the competency, courtesy and caring exhibited by everyone there. Many of our animals are enjoying happier and healthier lives because of Dr. Rich and Dr. Pence.

Tom and Tracey L.

We have been breeders of exotic parrots since 1998. Dr. Rich and staff are our first and only stop to make sure the breeders we buy are healthy. The professionalism of Dr. Rich and his staff far exceed our expectations. Regardless the outcome of the exam we know we can trust the results and advice given by Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana (formerly West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic). The clinic is always clean and the staff friendly. We highly recommend all clients set up an appointment to meet Dr. Rich and/or Dr. Pence. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency. Well visits are very important to maintain healthy happy animals. We are very fortunate to have such well respected, professional and caring exotic veterinarians in our area.

Ashley G., DVM

Dr. Rich is the avian expert! The clinic is state of the art, the boarding facility has large, clean cages and the team is very caring. It's with great confidence that I refer my avian patients to Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana (formerly West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic).

Karen and Steve M.

My family and I have been associated with Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana (formerly West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic) for 14 years now. Dr. Rich has received countless awards for his many accomplishments. He is forward-thinking; always in touch with the latest technology and procedures. His leading edge approach has kept my exotic pets healthy and happy!

Maurice G. and Brenda B.

In June 2013 we opened Bon Temps Ferret Rescue and shortly after contacted Dr. Rich at Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana (formerly West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic). Living almost three hours away, we had questions before making the trip with some of our little ones rescued from various situations. Dr. Rich, Dr. Pence and their staff have taken time to return our calls regardless of what day of the week. We have brought in ferrets with varying degrees of medical needs and have always been served in the most professional and caring manner, not only for the ferrets but for us as well in some critical times."

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