Exotic Pet Spay and Neuter in Metairie, LA

When people think of pet spay and neuter, they generally think of cats and dogs. As an avian, rabbit, rat, other small mammal or reptile pet owner, we want you to know that it’s just as important to get your pet spayed or neutered. Many female exotic pets can develop life-threatening medical conditions if they’re not spayed. Many male exotic pets have chronic behavioral problems if they’re not neutered. Exotic pet spay and neuter surgery protects your feathery, furry and scaly baby from cancer, cysts and worrisome urine spraying. At Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana, we’re proud to offer this valuable procedure for the exotic pets of Metairie and the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area.

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Exotic pet spay and neuter in Metairie, LA

Spaying Your Female Bird

Female birds can lay many eggs with or without a male bird present. Chronic egg-laying can cause harm to the health of many female birds. Egg-laying requires large amounts of calcium, which can be lacking in the diets of most pet birds. We recommend you have all birds tested for gender during a wellness exam. This procedure requires a simple blood test. An avian hysterectomy can prevent many issues for the chronic egg layer, but it can be a risky surgery, and we usually reserve this procedure for those who medically need it. A salpingectomy (avian hysterectomy) can help prevent many serious health issues such as:

  • An egg getting lodged in their oviduct, preventing it from passing.
  • Reproductive tract infections.
  • An egg rupturing in their stomach.
  • Bone fractures from chronic low calcium levels.
Rabbits sitting in the grass

Spaying and Neutering Your Rabbit in Metairie, LA

Rabbits are very productive breeders and can have up to 14 babies in one litter. It’s important to spay your female pet rabbit, because they have a much greater chance of developing uterine, ovarian or mammary cancer when they’re kept “intact.” Getting female rabbits spayed also prevents aneurisms from endometriosis. Neutering a male rabbit can curtail urine spraying, mounting and aggressive behavior. Male rabbits are more likely to develop testicular cancer if they’re not neutered. The best time to get your rabbit “fixed” is at six-months of age as this prevents these issues from occurring.

Keeping Other Exotic Pets Healthy

Exotic pet spay and neuter is important for other pets as well. Unspayed female ferrets will produce excessive amounts of estrogen that cause other serious health problems. Female green iguanas, bearded dragons, or chameleons can develop life threatening reproductive diseases if they become a chronic egg layer or are not metabolically healthy. Male guinea pigs who are left “intact” are much more aggressive, due to their heightened testosterone levels. Female rats are prone to developing mammary and/or uterine cancer if left intact after 6 months of age.

Please call us with any questions about our exotic pet spay and neuter surgery. We’re always excited to serve the exotic pet community of Louisiana.