Guiding You on Care During Avian and Exotic Pet Exams in Metairie, LA

At first glance, exotic pets may seem like low maintenance. After all, many of them entertain themselves, but the fact of the matter is that they can be especially sensitive to their environments. In addition to proper housing and nutrition, you must make sure they receive any needed vaccines, preventative medications and other routine veterinary care. At Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana, we’re here to advise our clients in Metairie and surrounding areas on all aspects of their exotic pet’s diet, husbandry, including temperature control, pet exams, hygiene, adequate space, and more.

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Avian and Exotic Pet Exams in Metairie, LA

Common Medical Concerns for Exotic Pets in New Orleans

Like traditional pets, exotic ones tend to hide illness or injury but arguably more so. The signs of concern are subtle and prey animals, like small mammals, will do whatever it takes to feign strength. To catch medical problems before they become more of a true medical issue, visit us with your exotic pet(s) for annual pet exams. The following are common medical concerns in some of our various patients:

Avian Exams in Metairie, LA


  • Ferrets may develop skin problems, hair loss, dental disease, seizures, disease of the adrenal gland and/or insulinoma. Furthermore, all ferrets should be on a heartworm preventative.
  • Reptiles may have intestinal parasites, may develop metabolic bone disease, experience trouble eating, have seizures, or develop egg laying issues.
  • Rabbits may develop chronic respiratory disease, reproductive tract disorders, abscesses, a variety of dental problems, and gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Hedgehogs may develop tumors, skin disorders, diarrhea and quill loss.
  • Birds need several preventive services, including DNA sexing, chlamydia testing, as well as regular wing, and nail trims. Common reasons for illness visits are weight loss, respiratory problems and feather destructive behavior.

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