Exotic Pet Vaccinations in Metairie, LA

Just like humans, there are dozens of illnesses that can affect pets, but with preventive care in the form of pet vaccinations, you can keep your companion safe. Preventing an illness is far less expensive and effective than treating it, which is why we recommend that vaccines be included in your pet’s overall wellness regime. Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana offers various types and combinations of vaccines to meet the needs of every small mammal that requires them.

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Exotic Pet Vaccinations in Metairie, LA

How Do Pet Vaccines Work?

Vaccines essentially strengthen the immune system, once they’re introduced to the body. They do this because they contain antigens that mimic disease-causing organisms, but without causing the symptoms of the actual illness. Upon exposure to these antigens, a pet’s immune system is stimulated and prepared to fight off the real virus or disease, if the pet is ever exposed to it. The antibodies that vaccines create in the body are not permanent, so vaccines need to be updated regularly to remain effective.

What Vaccines Does My Exotic Pet Need in Metairie LA?

The answer to this question is dependent on your pet’s species, age, breed, lifestyle, and exposure risk. There are two types of vaccines available for pets: core and non-core. Non-core pet vaccinations are optional and recommended only if a pet has a high exposure risk to a certain illness in boarding facilities. Core vaccines are considered essential vaccines for a pet’s overall wellness either because the illnesses they protect against are very severe or because they’re transmissible to humans (or both, such as rabies). We can determine which vaccines and combinations are best for YOUR pet during the wellness exam. Call us today at (504) 455-6386 to set up a consultation visit.