Get Your Avian Vaccinations & Exams Here

It’s simple to find a veterinarian for owners to take their dogs or cats to. But what about those people and families that own birds? If you live in the Gulf South Region, come to the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana. We are the only Veterinary Hospital in Louisiana that provides care exclusively to avian and exotic pets. In addition to treating a variety of avian species, we also see other species as well, such as rabbits, ferrets, various reptiles and small mammals. We have a skilled team of veterinarians and staff on hand to care for the needs of all of these special creatures. Whether it’s avian vaccinations and physical exams or surgery, your winged friend is in the best of care at Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana.

African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) standing on the branch.

Our Veterinary Services

In addition to avian vaccinations and yearly wellness exams, Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana provides many services, including:

  • Diagnostic imaging with tools such as video endoscopy, ultrasound, and x-rays
  • An in-house laboratory for blood tests
  • Oxygen and nebulization, therapies
  • Microchipping with the newest avian designed smaller chip
  • Various surgical procedures, including fracture repair, avian hysterectomy and others
  • Surgical and blood DNA sexing
  • ICU nursing care with heated cages, oxygen cages, and special lighting for pets that are critically ill
Budgerigar is wet after swimming

Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana also has grooming services available, so your winged friends can be pampered. For birds, we provide services such as wing trimming, nail trimming and filing, and spray baths. Our other exotic pets are groomed with services such as nail trimming and filing, bathing, hair mat removal, brushing and combing.

If you’re going on a trip, board your bird or exotic pet with us. We have seven large cages available for our macaws, cockatoos, and other large birds to stay in. For our medium-sized birds, we have several 3 x 3 x 4 cages, and we have many table-top cages for our smaller birds. Reptiles are boarded in a separate room that’s between 80-85 degrees and equipped with UV lighting. Rabbits and guinea pigs are boarded in cages of all shapes and sizes.

When your pet boards with us, they will have fresh food to eat and clean places to sleep. Before boarding, make sure your birds and ferrets are vaccinated and that all animals have had a recent exam.