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"Dr. Rich has been our avian veterinarian since 1988 when our amazon parrot was diagnosed by another veterinarian with tuberculosis. That Doctor did not offer much hope for the bird, so someone suggested Dr. Rich. Our Parrot, "Seymour" was treated by Dr. Rich and his life was extended considerably. After this time several friends asked us to adopt parrots that they no longer wanted or could care for. One parrot was " Cisco", a yellow nape amazon. Cisco was 36 years old and developed cirrhosis of the liver from living on a diet of sunflower seeds. Dr. Rich made Cisco a research project and treated him until he passed. His life was extended through treatments and he was a joy to own. Dr. Rich even had Cisco cremated and his ashes placed in a special urn. We adopted another Parrot, "Roscoe" who had his leg amputated as the result of being attacked by an animal or another bird. We do not know exactly how Roscoe lost his leg but Dr. Rich saved his life and did surgery to remove the stump of his leg after Roscoe got infected. We adopted Roscoe and he lives with us today. Roscoe is an African Gray Parrot and extremely smart and agile. Having one leg has not slowed him down and he could give anyone a lesson in how to handle a disability. Nothing stops him from walking, climbing, and adapting to his disability. Dr. Rich could have easily put Roscoe to sleep due to his severe condition when he was brought to him, but instead Dr. Rich restored a great companion and pet. Roscoe not only talks but knows exactly what he is saying..He is very healthy thanks to Dr. Rich and all the staff at the West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic."

Linda and Norman Schultz