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Guinea Pig Environmental Enrichment

Guinea Pig Environmental Enrichment Guinea pigs are lovely pets and they can be a lot of fun to interact with and keep in your home. Many people who get a guinea pig are not sure how to make sure that their pet does not get bored while they are spending time in their cage. While…

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tortoise care

How to Care for Tortoises

How to Care for Tortoises While tortoises may seem to be a fairly low maintenance pet, in reality, tortoise care is probably a bit more than you think. There’s specific dietary requirements, housing and lighting tortoises need in order to maintain a happy, healthy life inside your home or in an outdoor environment. The following…

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How Do I Train My Pet Bird in Mandeville, LA?

How Do I Train My Pet Bird in Mandeville, LA? Training a bird might seem like a magical feat- people don’t view them the same way they view dogs- but the truth is, the same basic principles apply. Positivity. Rewards. Time. Repetition. Find out more below about these basic principles on pet bird training for…

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exotic pet emergencies near Northshore, LA

What are Symptoms of Exotic Pet Emergencies near Northshore, LA

What are Exotic Pets near Northshore, LA? When hearing something described as “exotic”, most people would imagine tropical rainforests on equatorial islands, or a unique cuisine they’ve never experienced. It’s something new and foreign, something the average person doesn’t experience in everyday life. When “Exotic” is used in reference to animals, we’re not necessarily using…

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The Importance of Regular Pet Rabbit Exams near Westbank, LA

Rabbits as Pets Rabbits are becoming more and more popular pets amongst animal lovers for a variety of reasons. Some who are allergic to dogs and cats can tolerate rabbit fur and dander a little better. They’re also (generally) smaller, and some find them easier to maintain (no long walks or poop scooping!) Others still,…

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pet rabbit exams in Westbank, LA

Which Exotic Pet is Best for Me in Louisiana?

So you want a new pet, but you’re bored with always having dogs and cats? Then an exotic pet might be best for you! Many pet owners love their exotic pets and treat them like family, just like dog and cat owners do. But exotic pet ownership isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to consider…

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