10 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Great Pets

10 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Great Pets

Ferrets may not be the perfect pet for everyone, but if you have ever wondered about them then read on and find out why they are great pets. There are many reasons why ferrets make the best pets. Here are the top ten reasons why people choose ferrets.

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Why People Choose Ferrets as Pets

1. They Are Super Cute

Ferrets are as cute as kittens. Their long slender body and adorable fluffy faces make them wonderful companions. They are also a good conversation starter.

You can even dress up your ferret like you would with a cat or dog. You can take pictures of your ferret to post on all your social media accounts.

Ferrets love to stash their favorite toys. It can be a lot of fun to watch them playing and hiding these toys. Short videos shared with friends can brighten anyone’s day.

2. They Are Entertaining

Ferrets are full of energy and can be very entertaining. Whether they are in their cage or roaming free, you can get hours of endless entertainment from them. They are even more entertaining if they have another ferret friend to play with.

Ferrets’ bodies can twist and turn in so many different ways that you will constantly be surprised by their movements and actions. Watching them roll around with a squeaky toy is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work.

3. They Are Playful


Ferrets are very playful creatures. They love to play. They will play with anything if you let them. It is important to provide them with plenty of toys. The good news is that you can make these toys if you do not want to buy them.

Ferrets love boxes and bags just like cats. You can get hours of entertainment from them just by watching them play with things you have around the house.

4. They Are Curious

Ferrets are very curious creatures. This adds to their playfulness. They will play with and explore anything new.

Ferrets love to try new things. Just make sure to introduce something new in an environment that they are comfortable in. This will prevent any fear or anxiety.

5. They Are Friendly

Ferrets are very friendly pets. When well-trained, they love to meet new people. Ferrets are very sociable, so it is important for them to have friends. These friends can be other ferrets or other pets.

Watching your ferret play with another ferret is even more fun and entertaining than just having one. Ferrets and kittens are another adorable combination.

6. They Get Along Well with Other Pets

Ferrets that are raised around other animals will accept them as easily as they do their human family or other ferrets. If you have never seen a kitten or puppy play with a ferret, then you are missing out!

Make sure to keep an eye on your ferret whenever they are around larger pets. Some dogs and cats may have hunting instincts that can be triggered by a ferret. Whenever you are not around, it is safest to keep your ferret protected in its cage.

Beware of ferrets around small pets and birds!! Ferrets are natural hunters and may cause serious harm to a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, small reptile or pet bird.

7. They Are Intelligent

Ferrets, like cats and dogs, can be very intelligent. They love to play games. You can create mazes and obstacle courses and watch your ferret explore them. Ferrets can also learn tricks just like dogs.

8. They Are Small

Ferrets are smaller than most cats or dogs. They will need a cage of some sort to live in however it is safe to let them out whenever you are there. Their small size means they are the ideal pet if you have limited space.

9. They Are Quiet

Ferrets are generally quiet animals. Unlike dogs that bark, ferrets make very little noise. The noise they do make, called ‘Dooking’, only makes them cuter.

10. They Are Moderately Easy to Take Care Of

Taking care of one or more ferrets is generally easy. Food and water bowls need to be cleaned daily (LIKE ALL OTHER PETS). Since most ferrets are litter box trained, it is imperative to change the litter pan daily. The most important thing to consider is that a ferret can be easily injured since it is small.

Caring for a Ferret


Ferrets’ small size means that they do not eat a lot of food. It is easy to find ferret food at pet stores and it is fairly inexpensive. Ferrets need 2-4 small meals a day. You can use a timed feeder or a small bowl. If you need to go to work, leave them some snacks while you are gone. A high-quality ferret diet is preferred over a cat food based diet.


The cost of a ferret is relatively low, especially in comparison to dogs. You will spend about $250-$600 a year on your ferret. This amount includes basic needs such as food and bedding. It also includes basic vet care. Some states require the rabies vaccination for ferrets. All ferrets should be placed on a monthly heartworm preventative.

As your ferret ages, it may need more care from the vet and the yearly cost will go up. Keep in mind this number does not include how much you may decide to spend on toys or treats for your ferret.


Ferrets can be trained to do tricks and to use a litter box. As with any training, treats are very helpful. Training a ferret takes about 1-2 weeks of consistent training. It is important that the training be consistent, or the ferret may get confused.


Ferrets are easy to exercise. In fact, they often exercise themselves. However, if you are interested, you can purchase a harness and leash and can actually take them on walks. Don’t be surprised if people stop to ask questions.

Reach Out to Us for Your Ferret’s First Vet Visit

Whether you wanted a ferret before or not, hopefully this article has given you something to think about. Ferrets are adorable and loving, and are a great option for a pet. Ferrets are so easy to care for they are perfect for someone with a small home, apartment, or for a kid getting their first pet.

Our exotic animal veterinarians look forward to meeting your new ferret friend! Reach out to Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana by calling us at  (504) 455-6386.


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