Which Exotic Pet is Best for Me in Louisiana?

So you want a new pet, but you’re bored with always having dogs and cats? Then an exotic pet might be best for you! Many pet owners love their exotic pets and treat them like family, just like dog and cat owners do. But exotic pet ownership isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to consider many factors before choosing the best exotic pet in Louisiana for you.

In this article, our veterinarians will walk you through a few considerations to remember and then give you a quick list of some options to consider, too.

Best Exotic Pet in Lousiana


What Should I Research First When Looking for the Best Exotic Pet in Louisiana for me?

Local Laws

Before anything else, you should look into your local laws. Many states, countries, and regions don’t allow exotic pets by law, and some require you to be licensed in order to own specific types of pets. Take care of everything legally before you bring home an animal, and always avoid pets that aren’t legal to own where you live.

If you rent your property, live in an apartment, or have a Homeowner’s Association in Louisiana, consider the limits these properties may have on the types of pets you can own, too. Some may not mind what you adopt, but others will.

Your Household and Finances

Think long and hard about your household as well as your finances before choosing the best exotic pet for you. Some exotic pets are expensive—not just upfront, but throughout their lives. Can you afford to keep up with a pet that may cost considerably more than a dog or cat to take care of?

And how does your household feel about the possibility? If you live with anyone else, are they okay with a potentially dangerous exotic animal in the home? Do you have any other pets that could pose a risk to the exotic animal, or vice-versa? Will anyone you live with help you take care of the animal, or is it going to be solely your responsibility?

Your Own Ability

Consider what you can and can’t handle. For example, you might have no trouble taking care of a small lizard like an anole or bearded dragon, but some exotic pet lizards—such as monitor lizards—can weigh well over 30 pounds. Will you be able to lift the animal if you need to? Can you take care of regular maintenance for your pet?

And what about your own emotional and mental wellbeing? It might go without saying, but you shouldn’t adopt a pet you may end up being afraid of. If you don’t like spiders, a tarantula isn’t for you!

Feeding and Housing Needs

There are some exotic pets, including most of the rodents you might consider, who don’t need too much room. They need enough space to run, jump, climb, and play, but they aren’t going to take up whole rooms of your home. Many pet snakes need even less room than rodents. However, there are some pets who need much more space, so it’s important to consider this before choosing an exotic pet.

You should also consider what your pet will eat. Will you bring home a hedgehog that likes to eat crickets now and then? What if you adopt a snake and then realize it needs to be fed large rats every week?

Ease of Vet Care

It can be very difficult to find exotic animal vets, especially in some parts of the country and around the world. Depending on where you live, you might be lucky enough to have a few options, or you may have only one exotic animal vet. Our animal hospital in Louisiana is equipped to help you with any needs once you choose the best exotic pet for you!

Some of the Best Exotic Pets in Louisiana to Consider

Hedgehog Running in a Wheel

Now that you’ve thought about all of the above, here is a short list of some of the most popular exotic pets you can consider. These pets all have much different needs, so do a lot of research before adopting one!

Some of the best exotic pets in Louisiana to consider include:

• Rabbits
• Ferrets
• Parrots
• Cockatoos
• Chinchillas
• Guinea pigs
• Bearded dragons
• Sulcata Tortoise
• Ball pythons
• Anoles
• Hedgehogs

This list doesn’t represent all possibilities, but it includes some of the most common, most legal, and easiest to find best exotic pets around. Consider these options when you’re thinking of which pet may be right for your unique preferences.

It’s okay if you decide an exotic pet isn’t right for you. What’s most important is that you do enough research to make an informed decision on the matter before ever bringing the pet home. Although you should never impulse buy any animal, that goes double for an animal that you don’t know how to take care of!

If you do choose to adopt an exotic pet in Louisiana, don’t be afraid to reach out to us to help you learn more and guide you on your journey together.

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